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Variety and cultivation planning in cooperation with the farmers; a long tradition of storage, sorting and packaging of apples and pears at one site: all this experience from one hand enables us to match the right apple with the perfect packaging for every customer.




Through many years of cooperation with retail chains, we know exactly the demands of companies and consumers. The highest quality standards for every piece of fruit, clever packaging solutions as well as fast and flexible delivery are all available to retailers from one single provider.

The following premium packaging lines were developed in-house and guarantee superior flavor:

the well-sounding premium brand

Our internationally patented brand name stands for highest quality standards. Our best apples are sorted by hand and delivered mainly to Germany, Spain, Portugal and the UK.

the apple from the Alps

Hand packed premium apples are offered under the brand name “Monika” in different packaging units.

Q for quality apple

Under this brand name we provide fresh and tasty apples for the UK and Egypt.

Types of packaging

To ensure that apples and pears arrive tasty and fresh at our customers we have been developing the optimal packaging solutions in the course of decades. 

What is so superior about them: Expertly crafted, product-specific packaging units (pears, for example, may only be sorted in one layer), which enable fast and fresh delivery of up to 300 tons per day. All in all, our company can run 20 different types of packaging.