Our actions and objectives are focused on fruit – the best possible quality of all apples and pears for our consumers. It used to be like this when Fritz Kröpfl founded the family business in the past – and it is still our goal today, when Obst Kröpfl has become one of the most modern and innovative fruit logistics companies in Austria, employing more than 70 people.

Our core message:
We make fruit fresh.

Fruit logistics at Kröpfl means: We purchase apples and pears from fruit growers, check the goods with innovative technology and store them in our cooling facilities at temperatures between -0.5 and 3 degrees. When required by our trading partners, we open the cool stores and run a last check on the fruits. They are then sorted, packed and delivered to the stores like just picked from the tree in the shortest possible time. Our own fleet of vehicles ensures rapid transportation of the sensitive goods.

Monika Kröpfl, Richard Glössl , Monika Wieser-Kröpfl und Jürgen Wieser

Trust is certified.

A trusting cooperation, as it should be – no matter if cultivator, trader or customer – has always been our special concern. Kröpfl guarantees efficient, traceable processing and best quality. 

This is ensured through annual inspections and certified by the standards of AMA, GLOBALG.A.P., IFS Food, QS and the
EU-organic production-regulation.





An apple is not just an apple. Appearance, variety and quality are decisive factors in the purchasing process. 

During storage in the cold rooms and before sorting, the firmness of the flesh and sugar content of the fruit are examined. Every single apple is scrutinized in our plant using state-of-the-art technology. During the automatic sorting process special cameras check the skin and flesh of each apple for possible damage. In the course of packaging, each apple is washed and checked again by hand. This way we can guarantee taste and quality.

The variety-specific storage of our fruit allows us to fulfill orders flexibly and individually throughout the entire marketing season. We supervise traceable and controlled processes from the orchard to the packaged product. Of course, we also store and pack organic fruit at our facility.

Whether in sorting, packaging or delivery, our employees are a vital link in our supply chain. All together, we can pack and deliver 300 tons of fruit per day, the load of 15 refrigerated trucks.



F. Kröpfl Obsthandelsgesellschaft manages its own experimental orchard. At Leitersdorfberg, in the heart of the Styrian apple region, we run a 9-hectare facility. This way we can test new varieties of apples and pears as well as cultivation methods adapted to our regional conditions and the changing climatic conditions. This helps our farmers select their varieties and guarantees the best possible fruit for the trade. In the years ahead, too.