Acting local.
Thinking ahead.

Fruit is a truly valuable food product.
From farmers to retail chains: we highly respect all our partners.

Close bonds with our farmers and mutual professional exchange define our long-standing cooperation, often spanning several generations. We see our fruit growers as partners. Only apples and pears of the best quality can be marketed in the future.

Commitment and
professional dialogue

Our more than 100 suppliers are mostly from Styria. In cooperation with the producers’ organization OGS, we store their apples and pears and sell them at the domestic and numerous international markets.

Development of Varieties

The planting and the ongoing cultivation of orchards, from pruning to harvesting in the green hills of eastern and southeastern Styria: family farms have been well entrenched partners of our company for generations.


Locally and across the cultivation zones: we maintain an international network for cooperative development and the successful launching of new varieties.


The respectful attitude to fruit as a food product among our trade and distribution partners - both nationally and internationally - is a matter of great concern to us and has strengthened our partnership for many years.

While our apples and pears can be almost anywhere -we, alas, cannot.
That's why we have partners who share our love for fruit with us.

Austrian Fruit Group

The Austria Fruit Group is our partner in the cultivation, branding and marketing of the varieties RoHo3615 (Evelina) and Fengapi (Tessa)

SweeTango Europe

SweeTango Europe is a cooperative project involving 6 companies from Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Austria.

Estiria Team

Our partner company Estiria, based in Barcelona, takes care of the distribution of our Styrian fruit in Spain, Portugal and North Africa.